Your walk is your PIN-code

Derawi Biometrics and Norwegian researchers have developed an app that uses gait signals to unlock the phone instead of a PIN-code. Gjøvik University College (HIG) has researched in gait recognition since 2005. Today, this research is becoming a reality.  The Norwegian Information Security Lab (NISLab) environment is launching an app that uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect the owner by its walk. Read the whole article here (In Norwegian): or here (Computerworld, in Norwegian).


First Biometrics Laboratory Launched in Scandinavia

Biometric Laboratory at Gjøvik University College (Norway) seeks to develop constantly new and better ways of identifying persons without using passwords and pin-codes. The opening of the laboratory was combined with a professional seminar where, amongst others, the German Saving Bank Association, the German Commercial Bank Association, Fuijtsu, Hitachi and the National Criminal Investigation Service … Continue reading »