First Biometrics Laboratory Launched in Scandinavia

Biometric Laboratory at Gjøvik University College (Norway) seeks to develop constantly new and better ways of identifying persons without using passwords and pin-codes. The opening of the laboratory was combined with a professional seminar where, amongst others, the German Saving Bank Association, the German Commercial Bank Association, Fuijtsu, Hitachi and the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) was present.

Professor Christoph Busch is head of the Biometric Laboratory; he has among other things been contributing in developing a new protocol for using biometric information in bank transactions. -With the help of our research we want to reduce the risk for identity thefts. Identity thefts affects both on individual level and on the society, Busch emphasis.

During opening of the laboratory four PhD Candidates presented their research within recognition of gait, teeth, fingerprints and veins in the fingers. -Our challenge at the biometric lab is to continuously develop new and better ways in identifying persons without using passwords and pin-codes, says Busch.

Minister Aasland was impressed over what the academic environment has achieved. –The society needs this research; you have really understood the importance of cooperating interdisciplinary and internationally.

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