Best Paper Award – MobiSec 2011

Derawi Biometrics and NISLAB recently received the prize for best academic paper on Authentication and Authorisation, with the use of fingerprint and smart phone camera. This took place at an international conference in Denmark.

Mohammad Derawi attended the internationally acclaimed MobiSec Conference with his paper “Fingerprint Recognition with Embedded Cameras on Mobile Phones”. This is a conference on security and privacy in mobile information and communication systems. -There were several great papers, so we are very pleased with the award, Derawi comments, research fellow at NISLab, Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology at GUC.

Authentication and information security are key concepts in the award-winning paper. –Our research shows that it is possible to use the smart phone camera for the purpose to identify fingerprints, and thus the correct user of mobile phones, Derawi explains. -For example, the image of your fingerprint ensures that only you can access the information on your phone. If you lose your phone, no other user can access the information, due to the difference in fingerprint. The technology can also be used for authentication in internet banking, and it should be possible with many other applications as well, Derawi ends.

Read more about the conference here

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